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That sucker's been cooking away at our place ever since, somehow completely unfazed by a decade of heavy use. So Zojirushi’s sleek new toaster oven made me hopeful, and I called one in to review.

Unlike the brushed stainless-steel competition, this one is black with a reflective glass door.

Outside the domed griddles around the world which are used to cook flatbreads and lamejun, I don't often run across recipes calling for food to be cooked on top of a hot orb. I emailed chef Alison Mountford at Ends + Stems and asked if she'd send some recipes to help put the Zoji through its paces. Ends + Stems is a service that plans out your meals and grocery list for the coming week while helping reduce food waste.

Using my own (non-domed) pans, the oven skated right through these recipes, doing well enough that it allowed me to just pay attention to the basic tasks of making a meal, as if it had been on my counter for years. On another night, I realized that even if you get the store-bought dough, spanakopita is a lot of work.

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Image may contain Electronics and Cd Player

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