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But of course, not everyone is ready to willingly revisit the prequels just yet. With his help, and some slick Jedi mind tricks, they head on their way.

Eventually, the group gets stranded on Tatooine, where they meet a young Anakin Skywalker. But Obi-Wan scoffs that “we’ve picked up another pathetic life form,” and they two don’t exactly bond.

Meanwhile, Anakin is outright rejected for admission to the Jedi academy, but when Qui-Gon is killed by Darth Maul (Ray Park), Obi-Wan honors his dying wish and takes Anakin as his own padawan. The story ends with Senator Palpatine — did we mention he’s secretly Darth Sideous?

The two clearly have a close bond, and poke fun at each other constantly. This time, they find themselves back on Coruscant and reunited with Padme Amidala, now a senator after her term in office as Naboo’s “elected” queen ended.

Obi-Wan doesn’t love how eager Anakin is to put them in potentially dangerous situations, but he does go along with it, and, after a flying car chase through downtown Coruscant (a city-planet, by the way), they do manage to hunt down the person who’s been trying to kill Padme. While being held hostage, he chats with Dooku, who all but outright reveals that Darth Sidious is in control of Senate — though he doesn’t reveal that Sideous is Palpatine.

As a parting blow Dooku claims that Qui-Gon Jinn (his own former apprentice) would have joined in, if he were alive. As always, Obi-Wan doesn’t love Anakin’s reckless approach to things, but they push forward.

During their rescue attempt, Obi-Wan is knocked unconscious and while he’s out, Palpatine manipulates Anakin into murdering Count Dooku in cold blood and then encourages Anakin to leave Obi-Wan behind so they can escape. But, Obi-Wan doesn’t like dealing with politicians, so he lets Anakin soak up the glory for this one.

Back home on Coruscant, Padme is now hiding the fact that she’s pregnant — Jedi aren’t supposed to marry.

When Palpatine requests that Anakin be made his personal representative on the Jedi Council, Obi-Wan informs his padawan that the council is allowing it because they want Anakin to spy on Palpatine. That includes saving Chancellor Palpatine, even after outing him as Darth Sidious to the Jedi Council. But, even after everything, she refuses to believe Anakin has turned evil.

Anakin assumes Padme set him up, goes full Dark Side and force-chokes her to death, and then ends up in a brutal lightsaber duel with Obo-Wan across Mustafar’s conveniently dramatic volcanic terrain. Eventually, Obi-Wan brutally defeats Anakin — by slicing off his former padawan’s arms and legs.

For their own safety, it’s decided that the children will be separated. All we know is it won’t exactly be a warm reunion.

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