EGAT Delegation Visits GIZ’s Eschborn Office

03 May 2018

On 3 May 2018, the EGAT delegation (Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand) comprising of representatives from the departments of Demand Side Management, Greenhouse Gas Management, and Finance, visited the GIZ Head Office in Eschborn, Germany for Thai-German Dialogue on Green Cooling Cooperation.

EGAT as Project Fund Manager of the RAC NAMA Fund, visited the GIZ Office to share progresses and to discuss on the implementation of the Fund under a framework of Grant Agreement signed in December 2017.  The delegates were invited for a site visit of heat-pump technology in GIZ’s office building for which the natural refrigerant was used. This visit provides EGAT with an understanding that natural refrigerants could be effectively and safely installed inside large buildings, providing a safe, climate-friendly and energy efficient alternative to conventional cooling technologies.

Moreover, Both EGAT and GIZ had the opportunity to discuss on the implementation of RAC NAMA Fund including several related topics, e.g. Public Benefit Business and International Services, Proklima, Portfolios on Energy Efficiency, and Climate Finance. It was a great opportunity for the delegation, as a partner and project fund manager, and for GIZ to extend their partnership and tighten the relationship for a better implementation of the project.

The RAC NAMA Fund is one of the very first “Climate Finance” project for GIZ as well as for Thailand. EGAT is responsible for implementing financial mechanisms to stimulate market opportunities for highly energy-efficient and climate-friendly cooling technologies and to enhance Thailand’s competitiveness in the RAC sector. The fund consists of sub-grants and revolving schemes to support the production, marketing, knowledge-sharing and skill development for green cooling technologies in Thailand.

GIZ and EGAT signed the Grant Agreement of the RAC NAMA Fund on 20 December 2017. The RAC NAMA Fund of 8.3 million EUR was established as part of the Thailand RAC NAMA Project, funded by the NAMA Facility on behalf of the Republic of Germany and the United Kingdom. The project aims to promote sustainable production and use of green cooling technologies in the refrigeration and air-conditioning (RAC) sector in Thailand.